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Would a grocery store allow me to buy ALL of their milk?

It’s going to depend. A lot of stores currently have quantity limits in place, especially regarding high demand items. Other times it would largely come down to store policy. At my store we would not allow it, but others might. I am not aware of any laws concerning it but it is theoretical that some jurisdictions might ban enforcing such limits. I know sometimes when we run some promotions they will have disclaimer saying the limit does not apply to certain states but a bit of googling doesn’t tell me why.

In our current context. Nope.

In a regular context, it would depend on the retail management. It can be as simple as asking or you might need some kind of justification such as running a food pantry or restaurant.

People love milk no? Haha thats a great question. I guess as long as there isnt a quantity restriction due to the corona you should be good. Id laugh my ass off. Couldn’t really be mad even though i was craving milk that day

Any store holds the right to refuse service so it would depend.

Chances are a good store would question the purchase. A lesser store would happily make the sale but risk alienating future customers.

There’s a particular soda I like that, when I find it, I always buy whatever the store has and I ask them to give me anything “out back” too. The staff is always slightly amused, but I’ve never had them outright reject the purchase. I guess milk might be a little different because it’s a generic commodity rather than a specific brand, but I think most stores would let you do it on a one-time basis. I wouldn’t try it during COVID-19, though.