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You wake up one day with the power of making everyone believe what you say, truth or lie. What do you first do with your newfound power?

“All humans have a right to love themselves unconditionally, yourself included. You have no right to anyone else’s love or forgiveness but from now on you know that you can always trust to have your own. You can be angry or disappointed with yourself but it will never take away your self-love, so it will be easier for you to acknowledge your own mistakes and learn from them.”

Next person, repeat.

Natalie Portman

“Mom, I can’t go to school today. I have a heart attack in my brain.”

Convince everyone that Madoka Magica is the best TV show in the world. You don`t have to agree with me, but no one can convince me otherwise! I`m obsessed, yet there is no one who will listen to me lectures about.

Say I’m the new president because with it you could go to DC and get through the guards then tell the president and since he believes me, now I have all the power