[Cabin In The Woods] The World was always going to end

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[Cabin In The Woods] The World was always going to end e ci spiega:

We are led to believe that the organization is pulling all of the strings, but I believe the ancient ones were really the ones influencing events. This would explain a lot of the unlikely events in the film.

The organization is seemingly able to control everything, but also constantly makes mistakes. They can make “the whore” decide to dye her hair and even ensure they buy a specific brand and color. They control a guys weed supply. They can even somehow convince “the athlete” that he has a a cousin who bought a cabin. Despite this, some really important things just randomly go wrong. The tunnel doesn't collapse because there's a glitch. This organization is prepared for everything but somehow is unable close off the only exit? That seems pretty suspicious. And this isn't the only time they've had these problems. They mention some glitches in the past as well. And what about the fact that 'the Fool' somehow survives after being brutally injured and is relatively fine later on in the movie. Even if he killed the zombie he should have bled out or been severely weakened. And why the hell would weed immunize him to the organizations effects. Moreover, throughout the film he hears a voice talking to him, but we never see the organization press any buttons to cause this voice, it actually seems a bit out of theme. The voice is ghoulish rather than white trash pain loving zombie. Moreover, if the organization was playing the voice, how come only “the fool” hears it? Lastly, why the hell is there a purge button that lets all of the monsters out? I believe that the purge button is meant for something else, but I will get to that in a second.

All of this makes sense if we consider the possibility that the ancient ones are influencing the events. They disrupted the signal that was meant to collapse the exit tunnel. They helped keep the fool alive. The fool wasn't hearing voices from the organization (i'm pretty sure they always show when the organization introduces a new element into the ritual) he was hearing the ancient ones whispering in his ear. so that he could figure the situation out. The purge button probably isn't meant to release the monsters, that would be useless and incredibly dangerous. It’s more a likely a last ditch effort to kill all of the monsters. To purge the facility of the monsters. But the ancient ones caused a glitch opened the cells instead.

Why are the ancient ones doing this? Well, for one they probably don't want to be subdued, but I think there's something else going on as well. The organization has turned the ritual into a game, a farce. They are bending the rules, making the sacrifices a bit inauthentic. They trivialize its importance by making bets. There's even some indirect evidence that the ancient ones are pissed off by this. One of the agents makes a racist comment along the lines of how a vacation would be wasted on the Japanese branch because they would just work through it. Though we don't see the Japanese agents we can imply that they take this whole thing much more seriously. We also know that they have a perfect record up until now. I believe this is because the ancient ones never felt the need to interfere with their sacrifices. They followed the rules and did not trivialize the ritual.

But how are the ancient ones influencing things if they are asleep. Simple, the American branch (and possibly others) haven’t been doing the ritual right. They say they work with what they have but maybe that’s not Amiyah. The athlete is actually pretty smart. The scholar is an athlete, the whore isn’t really much of a whore, the fool isn’t a Fool, and the virgin literally just got out of an affair with her professor. Maybe cutting corners has led to a state where the ancient ones aren’t totally subdued. They are waking up slowly and are pissed.

Tl;dr: the Americans have been cutting corners with the rituals which has been slowly waking and angering the ancient ones. The ancient ones manipulating events to punish the organization for trivializing the ritual by rising up and causing Armageddon