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How should you turn a guy down?

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Before this post gets removed or you jump to conclusions, i can politely turn a guy down when he asks me out. My problem is doing it when men dont directly ask me out. They just ask to hang out, reconnect etc. I assume it comes off as bitchy and presumptuous if i say that im not interested when they haven't explicitly expressed interest themselves. And its hard because I genuinely like to have friends of both genders, and i am always up for reconnecting with an old friend. But i can tell when a guy isnt just trying to be friends, and i dont want to mislead him by meeting up and us having different expectations either. What do I do in this situation?

Edit: too many people just read the title and not two sentences after. Too many guys obviously have feelings over this, ex. “He's obviously too ugly for you to even hang out with”. Thats not what this is about, for one im now only dating women, so anything else is not a factor. ill hang out with anyone im cool with, dont care what he looks like, but he's hit on me in the past, and im not trying to mislead him.

Update: asked why he wanted to hang at his place, he dodged it and said we can do something else, Not sure what ill say to that

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Just talk to them, but don’t expect them to keep interest in a friendship. 99% they will disappear.

Do it in a way that is absolutely clear and leaves no doubt. Don’t expect him to stay friendly or stick around. Expect him to be gone from your life.

This is why I never ask any of my female friends if they want to hang out.

Theres no easy way of getting around it you just have to straight up tell them no

Do literally anything that involves communication and not ghosting

First understand if it’s platonic or not. If they know you’re single or it’s obvious you are, then only meet with guys when they invite you out into a group. When I have a new female friend who I want to be friends with, I always invite them out with my buddies because she’s a new buddy of mine. Simple as that. If I want a date, it’s just me and them, and of course I’m flirty and somewhat hinting at what I wish to do. Unless we’re well-established friends. You can do the same thing if you want to hang out with them by saying they can join in on a group event with your friends. Gives them the clue that you’re not interested in one-on-one.

If you want to let someone down gently, a compliment is always an amazing tool. The best turn down I got was when someone told me “OMG, I’d love to get coffee with you, but-” and she gave a valid reason that couldn’t be changed. You can even come up with a loose lie like you just started seeing someone or just too busy for a relationship.