King Bumi’s lesson to the Avatar [The Last Airbender]

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King Bumi’s lesson to the Avatar [The Last Airbender] e ci spiega:

During the Book 1 Episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender – “The King of Omashu” Aang has to go through Several challenges placed by Omashu's Earthbending King, Later revealed to be Aangs old friend Bumi. Bumi kept teaching Aang during these tasks to think outside the box and to not use just what his initial plan would be.

According to the “Avatar Extras,” a series of Directors Commentaries added to each Episode.

” Many Avatar fans consider this a “filler episode”, that is, it doesn't advance the over arcing story line of the series. They're as crazy as the king. ”

And at first glance to this Episode, it is kind of filler…It didn't really advance the plot at that specific time. However the moral it taught Aang lingered on till the very last battle with Fire lord Ozai.

I believe that Bumi's challenge was part of the reason Aang found another way to beat Ozai. Aang was already opposed to killing, And everyone, even his past lives (Including a former Air Nomad Avatar) told him “You'll probably have to kill the Fire Lord” But his refusal to just give in and stoop to the Fire Nations level of violence gave him the chance to learn outside the box: Spirit bending. Which Aang used to take away Ozai's bending.