Why Luke was convinced Vader was still good from the day one

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Why Luke was convinced Vader was still good from the day one e ci spiega:

So in Star Wars it seems like 10 minutes after Luke finds out Vader is his father he’s convinced he can save him somehow.

Now we all love the OT because it’s a touching story of a family’s love and all that jazz but in all reality having so much faith in Vader is illogical. Dude killed a lot of people. Helped blow up Alderaan. He probably did more evil shit in the comics that Luke would be aware of. He ain’t a good dude.

Now back to RotJ. One plot hole that was haphazardly explained away is Leia says she remembers her mom being beautiful but sad or something like that even though she’s only seen Padme for like a few seconds. The explanation is force memory absorption or some BS.

So what if Luke force memory absorbed something too? Padme’s last words were telling Obi Wan there is still good in him. Just as Leia was able to absorb that this woman she’s seen for the first 2 minutes of her life is very sad Luke was able to a absorb the belief that the man Anakin Skywalker is a good dude. It probably existed in his subconscious his whole life and soon as he found the truth of his father he couldn’t let go of it because it was literally inplanted in him soon as he was born.

TLDR: Luke believes in Vader because the first thing he ever heard was Padme saying there’s still good in him and per Leia’s recollection of Padme, force sensitive newborns can remember shit like that.