Mini Guide

Consiglio: A Internet comment is the absolute least reliable type of information you can possibly find – anonymous, unvetted, and potentially not even actually tied to a real person but rather a bot. Trusting a random Internet comment without scrutiny is the most foolish thing anyone can on this platform.

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

Even if you “look into a poster's history,” that internet sleuthing verifies absolutely nothing. The most this does is establish that the username has an internally consistent narrative/identity, yet many of us on this platform can be duped in believing a poster is legitimate simply because there are no inconsistencies.

On matters relating to products and recommendations, don't trust some random redditor that reps a particular brand of power tools – trust a friend you know in person or an expert that you meet in your day-to-day life. A power tool is not something you should be buying because of a random internet account said so – especially because that random internet account can be a paid shill or bot that keys in on keywords to filter out posts they can shill to. For the same reason no one should trust an Amazon review to make a major purchase, you shouldn't do so because of any random comment you see here, regardless of how well they write.

On matters of opinion of any kind there are almost always financial and power motives for people to lie, half-truth, and worse to get you over to their side of a question. An unsourced, highly opinionated MassimoL comment should never be accepted as fact at face. Don't accept simple words. Push for sources. Push for better sources when obviously biased material is presented. Dismiss personal anecdotes and stories, however seemingly believable or mundane, as unverifiable unless backed up with a legitimate news story. I can't stress this enough. Especially if it's a salacious personal anecdote that involves current intrigue or something pertinent to pop culture or news. Assume it is a lie and vet it critically if you really care to before you establish it as part of your world view.

I wish this wasn't a pro-tip. But the current state of this platform leads me to believe this basic level of critical thought and scrutiny is the exception and not the norm. For some truly 100% trivial subjects it can be ok to let your guard down but for anything that is important to you in any way, don't trust a random redditor.