Mini Guide

Consiglio: Honestly, save your money and don’t have a big wedding. Have a big marriage instead.

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

Go to the courthouse. Invite friends and family if you like. Have a reception at a nice steakhouse with a bar area.

I'm not saying you need to be complete cheapskates. Just put the money where it counts, not on flamboyant, ostentatious ceremonies.

If the money is just absolutely burning a hole in your pocket, then take the money you saved and put it as a down payment on a house. The inevitable cash gifts can go there too. Invest in your financial independence by saving the money.

Sure, memories are nice. Hire a photographer if you want, and you'll have great memories of your tiny little ceremony where you made sure that the love was the most important thing on display, not the matching bridesmaid's dresses. Truthfully, you don't even need bridesmaids.

Trust me…build a future instead. It will absolutely pay dividends to you both.

If your marriage isn't invested in for the future, then it will only be your current marriage.