Mini Guide

Consiglio: If you eat at chain restaurants (fast food, fast casual), use their app to pay the actual prices you should be paying.

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:


Jack in the Box would've cost me $17 yesterday for a combo meal with some tacos on the side (wife and I share). After applying the in-app coupons, I paid $9. And I got some points so next time I go, our regular thing will be $2 (instead of $17).

McD's has free fries every week with a $1 purchase, and you don't even have to order thru the app. You can get a drink for $1.29 and then free fries.

Panera has 2 months of (basically) unlimited free drinks right now if you get the app. Their tea and other drinks run $3+ each, so if you're going there for coffee and a pastry, you can take that order from $10 down to $6something. Or you can just skip the pastry and get free coffee/tea/lemonade/soda all day. After the first two months, it's like $12/month or something but yeah I just cancel after the free trial.

There are a million other examples. The point is: Jack in the Box can afford to sell you a Jumbo Jack for $2 instead of $5. They can afford to give you free tacos. You just gotta use the app to get stuff at the prices they SHOULD be charging.