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How do you normally orgasm?

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What position? What do you use? By yourself? With someone else? How do you do it to yourself? If a partner does it to you how do they do it? External? Internal?

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On my back with a clit sucker (satisfyer pro). With my partner, either while he’s fucking me and fingering my clit, or when he’s eating me out. Clit always has to be stimulated for me to orgasm.

Clitoral stimulation when alone.

But with penetration it’s missionary with my legs over their shoulder. Pound town baby

All kinds of ways. Dj style when I’m alone. And with men, it’s always different first bf I would have to imagine all kinds of stuff. Turns out I just didn’t like him anymore. 2nd bf had a really nice penis and was good at his angles. Sex buddy in between was a sex God and I could cum just from him teasing me & eating me out, and he’d reach around and stimulate my clit while kissing my neck and back. Current boyfriend, who I think is my soul mate, I cum from riding on top of him with that scoot motion and his mouth on my titties, or in any position really. Point is, there needs to be multiple points of stimulation. I need to feel worshipped. I need to see the shock on there face from how hot I am. I need to feel them getting so into it, that we’re basically running on animal instinct and want to be connected as deeply as possible. Build up is important. Tantalizing tease is the creme de la creme. Kissing is sooooo important in the middle of it.

i just cross my legs and put as much pressure ,and let my imagination do the rest

Vibrator and I’m on my back. I have to be completely relaxed physically. I used to be able to cum from oral but it was a chore- now I get into my head that I’m taking too long and if they change their tempo at all, we’re back to square one.

PIV: missionary, doggy, cowgirl, with or without clit stimulation. And some other positions which names I don’t know.

Anal: came once with additional clit stimulation.

Masturbation: shower head is an absolute winner, clit sucker, dildo, sometimes a combo of click sucker and dildo.

Oral: 10 – 15 min of nice tongue sliding up and down work, no fingers

Fingering: fingers outside when with a partner; finger inside/outside when it’s just me


On my stomach when masturbating to simulate riding a dick and when fucking I have to be riding a dick to orgasm the fastest. It’s my favorite position

Never orgasm through Intercourse (felt close once) I hope I get to experience it.
I usually have to be alone to orgasm through clit stimulation and even doing so, I have a pre-orgasm or not full orgasm, I can’t even come properly half the time 🙁
Have at least 2 toys to help me (depending on the mood).
Oh and only once a guy made me cum by oral sex (clit). And I have a high sexual drive.

I cum easiest and hardest when I’m on my stomach, with a pillow under my hips, using a clit sucker and with a dildo inside (and also lately with a buttplug in, too… what can I say, I’ve been a glutton lately). I push my knees down into the bed, tuck my hips downward and forward a bit and sometimes tense my muscles like I’m trying to spread my knees apart (but not actually spreading my knees). That tension on my legs/knees helps to build the orgasm, and being on the pillow lets me shift my hips tiny bits to optimize where the clit sucker toy is. A little pressure on the front of my pubic area helps, too, and pushing my pelvis down on the pillow under me enables that. Having the dildo inside also helps build the pressure and gives me something to clench down on.

An equally good alternative to clit sucker + dildo is a rabbit vibe dildo – with a clit vibe part and an dildo part that curves toward my g-spot and moves or rotates a bit internally to stimulate that (the Lovense Nora rabbit vibe is my fav for this). Same position enables me to grind down on the toy and really build a strong orgasm.

I’m in my late 30s and only in the last 9 mos did I feel like I finally cracked the code on making myself cum pretty easily and reliably (multiple times a day most days now). I’ve only cum a few times with partners, and that’s been when being fingered internally and clit stimulated, in doggy style so I can use the leg tension technique I mentioned above. I haven’t had sex with a partner since gaining a bit more control over my orgasms lately, but I also feel more confident in asking for/doing what I need than I ever have before, so I’m confident it will translate.

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