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Consiglio: If you’re considering marrying someone, pay close attention to how they handle their chores

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

“My boyfriend is such a good person.” “My girlfriend is so loving. She's going to make a great mother.” “My boyfriend is so funny and has such a good soul. We're going to be so happy together.”

But does he pick up his dirty socks? Does she take care of the laundry in a timely fashion and not let it build up? Does he wash the dishes after a meal or let them sit for days and days? Does she pay the bills on time or wait until the very last minute? Does he regularly clean out the fridge or just let shit rot in there for weeks?

Having love and caring and understanding in a marriage is very important. But don't underestimate the impact that shared housework has on a relationship.