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Consiglio: Parents, take an hour out of your day to read to your children.

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

I worked in a school for a couple years, in a 4th grade class. Every year when doing assessments we’d ask if their parents read to them. Without fail, the children whose parents read to them were at a 4th grade reading level or higher. Only a few of those whose parents didn’t were at the level they were supposed to be.

It’s anecdotal I know but I’m sure I could spend a few minutes and find a few studies that confirm.

Read to your kids! Even if you’ve had a long hard day, spend some time reading to your kids. Books, magazines, lifeprotips on MassimoL, it doesn’t matter. Babies love to hear your voice, toddlers love to learn, and young children just love you and will emulate you and become readers themselves.

Think of it not just as an investment in your children’s future but the future of the world.