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Consiglio: Request: I only have a microwave and fridge in my dorm, what kind of meals could I make for a healthy diet? Food I should stock up on?

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The college dorm I'm in only has a fridge and microwave in it. I don't want to live off entirely on top ramen or fast food or take out. Investing in fruits is a given. What suggestions do you guys have?

As for water, there is a refill station by the building, but I also have some gallons just in case.

Edit: Thank you everyone for your advice. I was shocked by how many replies there were, didn't expect such a big turnout. I was nervous first entering college, but yall gave me some new ideas on how to feed myself lol.

Also for clarity, I am not allowed an instant pot, air fryer, or any other external cooking appliance. If I was allowed, I would've just bought those with me from home and would solve my meal problems.