Mini Guide

Consiglio: Small Youtubers are actually very relatable and entertaining. You won’t find them on your YouTube homepage though. Here’s how to find new small YouTube channels to watch.

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

The videos that appear on your Youtube homepage, or when you search for a topic, are almost entirely dominated by big Youtubers who have that 'mainstream' vibe which is sometimes off-putting “HEY WHATS GOING ON GUYS, SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON”

Here's how to find new small Youtube channels to watch:

  1. Search for the topic you're interested in. Eg. Exercise without gym
  2. Click on the 'Filter' button just above the videos (This is indicated by 3 white lines in the top right corner of the Youtube mobile app)
  3. Change the upload date from Any time to This week or Today
  4. You will now be shown fresh content meaning large Youtube channels are not dominating the search page. Most of the videos you see here will be from smaller channels.

You'll be surprised how funny some of these small channels are. They also seem so grateful when you show support, it’s similar to watching a small twitch stream and feels so much more personal.