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Consiglio: the best way to loose weight is to eat food to paste-level.

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I was overweight and my face used to be very dull few months ago. Then I started chewing my food to paste level and properly mixing lots of saliva with it. It controlled my portion size for a single meal, although I used to eat several times a day.

Initial few months nothing happened except I used to have lots of energy and started to feel less lazy. After 4 months, I suddenly started losing weight, started getting compliments and my face started radiating. I never said no to any kind of food, not forced myself to stay hungry or eat salads. My motion was also like never before and I started to use less facewash.

I feel it's an elixir of life and the experience should be shared with everyone.

Keep in mind that chewing your food
like this not always but 5/10 times
would also bring results to similar

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