Mini Guide

Consiglio: When cooking from a recipe box service, DON’T follow the recipe card process to the letter!

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

I'm talking about Hello Fresh, Gousto etc. This tip can just as well be applied to any cooking you do, but I've noticed the recipe cards from these boxes encourage bad habits and really aren't helpful. Here's my order of things, and it's improved my experience and the results tremendously.

1) Do ALL your ingredient prep before you start cooking ANYTHING. Sure, put the oven on to warm up, but for the rest of it, do all your chopping, washing, crushing, grating, opening of cartons and packets, cutting of fingers, swearing etc. BEFORE anything gets heat applied.

2) Make any sauces, salad dressings etc. as part of the prep, ahead of time. The recipe cards often say “while this is happening, do this”, but they don't take into account that a million and one other things are also going on at the same time.

3) Once prep is done, read the entire process from start to finish so you know what's coming.

4) NOW you can start cooking.

You'll find you have far more breathing space, time to clean up as you go, lay the table, shoo the cat away from the cheese, and generally enjoy the experience more than the blind panic of trying to stop the garlic from burning while you wash the salad leaves, mix the dressing, make the sauce…

There's nothing better for me than getting to plating up and the only things out are the pans you're serving from and the plates you're using. All knives, chopping boards, graters, garlic crushers, scissors etc are already washed up and put away because you've given yourself that time back.