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Consiglio: When interviewing for a job, when asked the salary question, turn that back around on the interviewer (nicely)!

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This has worked for me on my last three jobs (one of them was a promotion) that I got. When the interviewer asks the question: what salary are you looking for?, instead of listing what you’re expecting ask them instead.

I always start with explaining that I have been researching salaries in my field but wanted to know what they felt is a competitive salary for someone with my experience? (If this your first job interview or you’re going for an entry level job that you don’t have experience in, you can always change the part about experience to “this position”).

Oftentimes, they will give you the number that they are expecting to pay for that position; and every time I ask a potential employer it has been at least $5-$10k more then I was going to ever say.

This also helps you compare what they’re willing to pay vs whether that salary is worth the job. AND you don’t run the risk of under selling yourself! (If they’re expecting to pay $60k and you say $40k, they’re not going to correct you and also might think that you are not as qualified or have a high opinion of your own self worth).

Edit to add: a bunch of commenters are making valid points. Do your research, know your worth and what the worth of the position is. If the company lowballs you, ask for more if you feel comfortable. Salaries are often part of a negotiation, and if you know you deserve more then advocate for it. Prove to them that you’re worth the investment, because if they’re not willing to pay you what you deserve (provided they can AFFORD to do so, some businesses just don’t have the funds to meet the same pay as another business) then you have to consider if they’re worth your time. Does the money matter for you to accept the job, and if the answer is yes then get it!