Mini Guide

Consiglio: You can cook even if you “don’t know how to cook”. Get a good cookbook and rigorously follow the recipe, and you’ll produce pretty good food every time.

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

Follow that recipe step by step like your life depended on it. Read it before you go shopping for ingredients and ensure you have the tools it calls for. And you'll get praised by your friends and family as a “great cook” for your ability to follow instructions, every time. Do it enough times, and you may even get a feel for where you can depart from the instructions and become a cook who can improvise, but that's not a requirement.

This works best with cookbooks that don't just give you recipies but explain techniques. My personal favorite is The Joy of Cooking but use whatever you like.

TL;DR: RTFM, but for cooking.