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What podcasts should we all listen to?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What podcasts should we all listen to?
What podcasts should we all listen to?

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Hardcore history, or literally anything Dan Carlin. He uses the most colourful description of history which puts you in the shoes of those who lived it, and helps us understand the context of our societies

99 percent invisible it’s super good. It’s about design.

If you’re into the realm of RPG, “The Adventure Zone” is a D&D playthrough that, to my surprise, I ended up emotionally attached to. The characters really find themselves and the storytelling is great. After a few introductory episodes, you’re rooting for the gang and their shenanigans.

Thoroughly enjoyed Dolly Parton’s America

And of course This American Life and Heavyweight

The Dollup. Its hilarious but you also learn a lot about history.