Are there types of cancer that are rising in incidence and that are unrelated to smoking/drinking/sun/old age?

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Or is it all steady/decreasing over the years?

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Even though Ovarian cancer deaths have been decreasing, it is suggested that they are set to increase in the next 20 years.

Ovarian cancer is related to circulating estrogen, and so obesity has to be a factor here when fat cell secretes estrogen. I think that’s why, in the UK in particular, as that demographic continues to rise, then so will rates of that specific cancer.

CDC has a great answer to this. That said, the four risk factors you highlighted will account for a large portion of the increase. There have also been discoveries though in infectious diseases causing certain types of cancer.

There’s a whack-a-mole element to the problem in question. As life expectancy goes up and the most common causes of death are reduced, the less common causes of death will increase. It’s not because those risk factors have necessarily increased, but the total potential has increased across the board. Adds a lot of noise to those numbers

Thyroid cancer seems to be increasing. Some researchers think it is simply being “discovered” more often by imaging, but even if you control for the use of ultrasounds, CT scans, and carotid dopplers, there still remains an increase that cannot be accounted for. Most thyroid cancers are sporadic, but family history and a personal history of neck irradiation are the 2 main risk factors, perhaps contributing up to ~5% of cases, each. Research is focusing on other possible environmental exposures (eg flame retardants, coal ash), though, so far, not much has been found to be a compelling explanation for this increase.