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How do you deal with having shared really personal things with an ex that you wish only “the one” knew about you?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato una domanda rivolta ai ragazzi. How do you deal with having shared really personal things with an ex that you wish only “the one” knew about you?

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Just accept it. At the time you more than likely didnt know they WERENT the one. And now that someone who wasnt the one knows that info, it should ease your mind with who does and doesnt know this info. As in, did your life end with them knowing? No. Just move on.

You know their shit too bruh, move on.

I don’t think I really have that hang up. I think I’m pretty open and honest. If I’m comfortable with you enough to share something with you then that’s the end of it. It’s not like I’m really reserving information for this person or that.

The only time I think I really regret saying personal things about myself is if I lose trust in that person and think they will weaponize it, spread it to others, or have their opinion of me change unfavorably.

There’s stuff I regret saying to people, not personal, but mean or spiteful. And also things I regret not saying.

A lot of “just get over it!” going on here. Here are my thoughts about the “how?” part of your question.

WHY do you wish your ex not know? My guess is there is a fear of some kind, afraid they will tell others and expose you or something like that. Ask yourself “why?” a few more times. Assuming my guess is correct, why are you afraid of being exposed? Then “why?” that answer.

Another technique is to ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen from your ex knowing? Write it out on a piece of paper and then really consider it. Often when we let things swirl in our head, the possible outcomes become vague and more scary, to the point where it is only a fear that isn’t actually attached to anything in particular. Usually the worst case scenario doesn’t actually have any real danger.

Just my 2c, hope it helps in some way!

You’re never gonna be able to figure out if they’re the one unless you do share. Sometimes you gotta roll the dice.