Relazioni e amore

Am I (32F) impossible to please, or should I pay attention to these things that annoy me?

Why put up with this? Not worth it

Believe me when I say this, things that mildly annoy you after a couple of months will drive you absolutely insane in a year or two. Sometimes even things that seem a little cute in the beginning turn into nerve-grinders. Trust your gut feelings about things like this.

I hate when people are constantly at you like that! It’s exhausting. And people can be liberal without being assholes. I’d not be happy with these behaviours, but it depends on the good things about him too.

I’ve known many people like this. It’s just the way they are. I find it exhausting, but I’ve seen some of them in successful relationships, I think because the partner enjoys that relationship dynamic. It’s not for everyone. You have to decide if you accept it or not, but it sounds like you hate it. And that’s probably your answer.

On another note. This person saying such things about conservatives and old people is awful. It’s the exact kind of behavior and thinking he would scream “racist” at if anyone else did it in a different context, and he’d feel so self righteous doing it. This guy sounds like a total tool. Just my opinion.

Two months? I can’t stand people that try to incite drama like that. Find someone better.