Relazioni e amore

Am I (32F) impossible to please, or should I pay attention to these things that annoy me?

Have you brought up some of these concerns with him? I don’t think you’re wrong in interpreting these as yellow flags, and I think it would be very telling if he were to respond poorly to you expressing a genuine concern. The things you’re describing would get under my skin too, so I don’t think you need to chill out. The sarcasm thing especially would drive me insane. At 37, someone should be able to respond to sincerity with sincerity.

Ehh… Abandon ship now before you start to feel too invested to leave.

Lol those aren’t yellow flags, they’re red

Doesn’t seem dangerous , more like highly stupid. Its always good to look at yourself , all the time. Just to make sure you dont become like him 🙂

He sounds like a pissed off children telling profanity over his head set to get a rise out of people and feel good about himself.

Do you want a relationship with a grown up man acting like a bad 12 years old ?

People laugh at of discomfort to remove the spot light out of them and he see it as , well they laugh so its all good.

I have a cousin like that. Everytime he dig at someone while “joking” and defense himself with the oh well they are laughing so its all good.

They think they are good , they think they are smart , they think they are funny , they project confidence , obviously all a facade of people drive by their own ego and misjudgement.

I see it like tickling someone, they tickles and see the other react by laughing so the stop doesn’t register because in their own ego self , those people doesnt know what they want , only the tickler know.

The tickler is all knowing , he do no wrong , he cannot be wrong… why so defensive ?