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Bullied by downstairs neighbor for a year. Last night she sent the police to my door

You stomp around and you stomp loud fuck her. You don’t have to answer the door for her and whenever she confronts you do not have to say a word ignore her and live your life normally do not let her control you.

You re-arranged her furniture for her?? No way. Listen, I have an almost 1 year old, so I know it’s very tiring but you pay for that space, she can’t expect you to tip toe around your own place! I’ve never lived in an apartment before but maybe talk to your landlord? Maybe record the noises with a video showing that it’s not your or your bf moving? Maybe tell her to purchase a sound machine so her kid doesn’t hear anything? Very inappropriate to send an officer, you did nothing wrong. If it gets really bad maybe asked to be moved to a different unit? Good luck!

dont give in to her? im sympathetic to you OP but you literally allowed this karen to stop you using a room? yiu need to stop being so nice, tell her to F off her behaviour is sickening. keep detailed records of dates and instances. tell her to stop coming to your door or just ignore her.