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Bullied by downstairs neighbor for a year. Last night she sent the police to my door

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I’m shaking while I’m trying to type I’m still really shocked and not sure what to do.

This weekend I will be in my apartment for exactly a year. My neighbor also had her first child when I moved in. Now I am never home and working two jobs. In between shifts I get a three hour break in my house before I have to leave again. Without fail she comes upstairs saying she knows I just came home from work but the baby is sleeping and she expects me to spend my break completely still in silence. The room over her child’s bedroom I am forbidden from using. In February she came upstairs screaming one day because she could hear my boyfriend and I talking in bed. She said “You have three other rooms you can use those” and forbade us from using the room. So I rearranged my entire house, changed the rooms around and moved my bedroom to the other side of the house. Still that was not good enough. Every time she hears us take a step and actually in the apartment, she come upstairs to tell us we can’t exist in our home. Every day I’m having panic attacks coming home I’m beyond stressed and tiptoeing through my apartment. I don’t bring friend over, I can’t even babysit my goddaughter anymore because I don’t want her traumatized when this women comes upstairs. I’m at a loss.

Last night I came home from work at 9: 30p. She caught me in the hallway and said “I don’t know who you have over or what’s going on but the banging needs to stop. I don’t know if you have a fan on but the humming is too much” Ok. So I go upstairs and find my boyfriend cooking with headphones on, he’s not using a speaker. There are no fans, no electronics on, nothing that would cause any sort of vibration or repetitive noise. But I hear movement and bumping around in the walls. It must be the neighbors on the first floor because I’m standing still in my apartment hearing it. After being satisfied that my apartment wasn’t the source of the movement I went straight to bed and my boyfriend sat on the couch, headphones on, watching something in his phone (I specifically asked him not to use the tv so we wouldn’t bother her). 30mins later there’s knocking at my door that wakes me. I call out for my boyfriend but he doesn’t hear because of the noise cancelling headphones. I answer the door and there’s not my neighbor, but a police man. He’s telling me he was called for a noise complaint. I told him that’s impossible we weren’t even moving. I was in bed sleeping and my boyfriend was still on the couch motionless. The police man says that he was told there was something being dragged on the ground and lots of noise (this is not true). I reiterated that I was asleep in bed no one was walking around. I’m shaking. He tells me “well they have a one year old” as if that excuses this whole situation. I told him I was unconscious and asleep in my room what does that have to do with anything. Told him you can hear all the movement in the house and the 1st floor neighbors had guests over not me. The officer left. I couldn’t go back to sleep and just cried for hours. It’s morning now. I want to go downstairs and get some answers. I want to tell her that not only was that unnecessary but it was cruel to send a police man to my door to threaten me, when she had no problem talking to me on my way in. I just don’t know what to do, I’m terrified of her. But I will not stay silent and accept her involving the police trying to give me a record for no reason. I don’t know what to do.

Why on earth are you letting her do this to you? You rearranged your whole house to please her, you’re tiptoeing and not babysitting your goddaughter? Is she a muscular bear holding a gun or mafia or something?

The next time she talks to you, stand up for yourself. Be blunt. Tell her to leave you alone. Tell her you’ll be complaining to the land lord/housing board/whatever if she continues to harass you. Then ignore her.

I would definitely consider reporting her harassment, it is ridiculous. Make notes of every incident that has happened, and any visits or complaints she continues to make.

I would also start living a normal life. Play music, have the TV on at a reasonable volume, arrange your house to your preferences not hers. Have frindsand family over. Set up recording equipment so when she inevitably makes a complaint, you have evidence that you are not making excessive noise. It’s time to unshackle yourselves from her unrealistic expectations, as catering to her every whim obviously isn’t satisfying her.

“It is unreasonable to expect me to be completely quiet in my own home. I pay to live here just like you do. I will be notifying the landlord about your harassment and if you knock on my door again, I’m calling the police.”

Report her for harrasment

I would not deal with that shit. I’d be the asshole neighbor that makes the noise. You want to blame me for it ill show you what noise is.

You have to stand up for your self. Be firm and tell her that she can’t bully you. Or you’ll have to start involving the police too.

Good luck.