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I love showing my girlfriend off to my friends

[deleted] ci racconta la sua esperienza in amore:

Whenever I'm with my friends and my girlfriend sends me a selfie of her I'll always show it to my friends when she does because I'm just so PUMPED to be with her, shes so beautiful in every conceivable way and everytime I see her my heart makes a “!!!!!!!!!!!!” Noise and i cant wait to see her again once all of this is over

Edit:She totally knows I show them her normal selfies she sends me but never any private selfies those are off limits to share

This is so cute!!!

That’s really wholesome! I always have the urge too, but most of the times I don’t actually do it. But you wouldn’t be dumb to ask her if she’s okay with it, better than her hearing back from someone and regret it. If she knows, bro, you are luck, there is nothing sexier than a girl handling her hotness well.