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What do you with your bottom (mattress side) arm when you are the big spoon for maximum comfort?

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Recently hit our three year marriage anniversary and I still for the life of me can’t figure out what to do with my friggin bottom to keep it from getting pinned underneath me and falling asleep. Do you do the awkward close curl in between each other? The more awkward super high reach? My SO has a head like a lead bowling ball wrapped in bricks, so tucking it underneath there just ends with my arm losing circulation and falling off. Diagrams and drawings are appreciated and encouraged in my pursuit of marital enlightenment.

I place my arm underneath her neck and my girlfriend’s head is on the pillow. That way all the weight is on the pillow. As a nice side effect I can actually hug her properly and/or place my hand on her boobies, which we both like.

I’ve had the same problem for years. It got to the stage where I think it was actually doing damage to my arm. I had marks on it from blood pooling and my strength had significantly declined. I eventually decided to have the arm amputated to increase both my comfort and hers.
It worked great for a while, until she eventually ended up cheating on me with my best friend Carl. It really sucked, especially since you cant just have an arm reattached. I’ve found online dating difficult. It’s hard to find someone who see’s the cuddling benefits of having only one right arm. It takes me forever to respond since I’m not naturally left handed, so they sometimes feel like I’m not interested.
I did have a brief relationship for a while, but she liked to cuddle, and I couldn’t face losing another arm so I had to break it off. The relationship, not the arm.
Anyway, I recommend some of the other advice here. I don’t think my choice was the most longsighted of options, and you could probably improve on the outcome a bit. Goodluck with the spooning!

Make HER be the big spoon

Try putting your arm under her neck, with her head on a pillow. Works for me and my bf so his arm doesn’t go to sleep.

Another option is bend your elbow and tuck your arm under your own head, it’s actually pretty comfy. It’s what I do when I’m the big spoon (jet pack?) cos my bf is a lot bigger than me.

Get a king size bed and sleep one meter apart from each other. It has worked for me and my wife.