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[Serious] Feet fetishists, what exactly is it about them that attracts you?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: [Serious] Feet fetishists, what exactly is it about them that attracts you?
[Serious] Feet fetishists, what exactly is it about them that attracts you?

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If a woman has petite feet I find them cute. If they have their nails done it’s even better. A toe ring?? Oh geez.

Some of the allure has to do with what “is” and “isn’t” supposed to be sexy. There isn’t much about a woman’s body that I don’t find attractive and want to give attention to. Feet aren’t “supposed to be attractive” so the fact that they are kinda off limits in terms of normal sexual desires makes them more desirable.

Plus, there are a LOT of nerve endings there. If you know what you are doing you can give lots of pleasure to your partner by giving their feet attention.

And there’s the fact that I’m a sub. I love to worship women. I don’t like to be degraded, but I get pleasure from pleasing women. So if I can add to her pleasure by kissing on her cute little toes it’s a win win.

Several woman I have been with were initially weirded out when I stated kissing on their feet. A foot rub was greatly appreciated, but they would pull away when I started to lick their soles. But once they let me it was very well received. Most would end up wanting to have sex where they were on their backs so they could put their feet on my chest so I could give them attention during sex. Lots of great orgasms that way.

For me, if a woman has huge feet or she doesn’t take care of her feet I’m not attracted to her at all.

I imagine this is as amorphous a thing as “why are boobs so nice?”. “Because uh, they are squishy and round and I want to squeeze them” doesn’t really make any logical sense or explain it any better. But yeah I’m curious to see some answers

For me, feet is about intimacy. It’s a part of the body that most people overlook and introducing feet to sex is a way of expressing “I love all of you”

Ever (got) wanked off with your left hand (or non dominant hand) and it felt different? Footjobs do that, but 10x. Similarly, just being touched with feet too.

I have feet fetish. Beautiful feet do turn me on. idk why. first thing I look is their feet, gross but true. i think appreciate the beauty of a well maintained feet. that’s all

One theory is that it’s due to the feet’s proximity to the genitals in the brain’s sensory map. Here’s a representation of such.