Relazioni e amore

My (24 F) boyfriend (22 m) had a couple friends come over and one of them, who is always really quiet when I’m around, brought over a get cousin and did not acknowledge me

If girls are friends with your bf and cant even acknowledge you and treat you nicely because you his girlfriend they don’t deserve to be in your apartment fuck that! Thats rude asf

Next time she comes over and ignores you, say, “Hey. Not sure if you know, but this is MY home. You don’t have to hang out with me, but as a guest in MY home, you can acknowledge my presence and greet me or you can ignore me and leave.”

This isn’t you being a bitch. Don’t let any of them tell you that. SHE is being a bitch and flat out disrespectful and the fact that your BF is defending her at your expense is a red flag I would keep an eye on. Either he values their friendship more than his relationship with you or something else might be going on.

What the hell ? Did he set up double date night or something? Unless his fully grown female friend has autism and literally cannot read social cues, her being quiet doesn’t mean anything. Something is very off about this to me and I would do some investigating in regards to the true nature of his relationship with that friend.