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My boss is making me (22F) pump in the bathroom and is cutting my hourly pay and cutting hours off my time sheet and won’t listen to me when I try and talk to her about it.

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When I got hired on at my job I was told that pumping for my son would be no problem. That was in February. My job considered themselves essential… so I have been working through the pandemic. And my boss who is a female small business owner has been cutting time off my time sheet for “taking to long” to pump and when I was hired I was told I would get $9 an hour and I am only getting $8.50 an hour and when I asked why this was I was told it would go up once I stopped taking “unnecessary extra breaks” which is my pump breaks. She also will take random days off which is fine except she has the only key to the room I pump in and that then requires that i have to pump in the employee bathroom. I have also been told I’m required to eat during my pump break and will not get a lunch break if I don’t eat then. So that then means on those days I have to eat my lunch in the bathroom or not at all. I have tried talking to her about it and she gets mad at me. I was promised 40 hours a week when I can here and I barely get to 35. I am getting super stressed about it and very upset that this is going on and I don’t know what to do. She won’t listen to anything I have to say nor does she care. Not to mention some of what she is doing is illegal but there is a loop hole to the law which she is would most likely use to get herself out of trouble.

You need to post this in the legal advice group. Depending on where you are at thats illegal. I know in most of the States you are required to be provided a place for pumping that isnt a bathroom.

In the UK this would be illegal. Get advice based on where you live. Good luck

What is this loophole?

I mean I would talk to a lawyer that is an expert on labor laws and such. That way you know what you’re entitled to and also so that you can start collecting evidence (like in writing about your pay/hours; being told to eat in the bathroom while you pump).

Keep it hush hush until you know what is right, wrong or indifferent. Then sue her for backpay

/r/legaladvice can tell you how to report this

I recommend getting a free legal consult to see how better to approach her on this. It sounds like she’s taking advantage of your situation. If you search AVVO you can find plenty of lawyers who will hear you out and give a free consult.