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My youngest sister [16F] ruined my brothers [21M] online game; where he invested a lot of time and money to become the better player on the server

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My brother is somewhat a gaming addict and during quarantine he really is playing a lot on an online game. He invest a lot of time andhis money to become the best on the server.

My sister is somewhat annoying but recently she wants to get youtube famous. She made a video where she destroyed his account when he was not arround and wanted to film his reaction.

My parents forbid her to upload the video, but i think she doesn't get punnished. My brother is really upset he spend all his time on the video game, and also his money.

When i proposed my parents she should pay him back the money he invested they laughed it off. Like spending money on some online game is a waste of money.

I explain it's the same for him when i would just ruin his wiskey collection or tear down their wedding pictures it's also just some drink or a piece of paper that got destroyed. They just shrug it off and sday he needs to do something usefull.

I feel like my brother get treated bad, even if he should lower his time spending in games. Any suggestions how this can be solved?

Gamer here.
I have no advice on how to deal with your sister but maybe you can get some help in r/gaming or the game specific MassimoL.

Communities often are pretty nice and they may help your brother to get some things back and brighten his mood a bit.


Another thought just crossed my mind.

Your brother may be very experienced and gaming and the stuff that comes with it but he may have forgotten to ask the customer support for a so called “account roleback” which could reset his account back before your sister tried to “prank” him.
This again depends if the support and/or the game developer are nice enought and don’t play the “your account your responsibility” card.

Wow your sister is an ignorant asshole.

Tell her to pay him for the damage. She’s 16 and shouldn’t need anyone to tell her to be a decent human being. What an absolutely immature asshole. Yeah, im sure her channel would get a lot of views. Not

If the sister wants to be YouTube famous then I’m sure that her being confronted and made to feel bad on camera over the deliberate damage she caused purely for Internet attention, will get her the Internet attention she craves.

I dont know the game or what she did, but it might be possible to have the damage undone by contacting the game’s customer support and explaining the situation. He might have to be persistent and reach out on forums or other places, but it’s rare for damage to be completely unreversable in online games.

The video might help if it comes to that, but I think most people know that gamers dont just randomly destroy their accounts.

You have no power over your sister or parents. You can maybe try explaining to her how what she did was toxic and hurtful, but you can’t force her to pay him anything. What you can do is let your brother know you support him and have his back. It may not fix everything, but I’m sure he will remember the gesture for a long time.

Petty revenge idea here.

Delete every form of social media your sister has. Wipe her hard drive. And reformat her phone.

When everything she loves is gone. Then your brother and sister will be even.

Besides that, all you can do is support your brother. Help him contact the game company to see if there is a way to recover his account. Also, teach the man to bitlock his accounts to protect himself from your psychotic sibling.

Be verbal about how batshit crazy she is. Be verbal about how dishonest she has been. When she asks you for a favor be verbal that she doesn’t deserve it.

It may sound harsh, but your opinion matters. One of the biggest memories I have is when I was a little shit making promises I had no intention of keeping, my brother flat out said “you have no honor”. And it was a kick in the teeth. But it made me think and it made me realize that he was right and I credit that moment with the first step to me becoming a decent human being.

Our siblings are our first sounding board to the world. Your parents have basically said her actions are fine. You need to be the one to say they aren’t. Be vocal that she doesn’t deserve trust and she doesn’t deserve your time. Refuse to give her the love she craves. That will help her grow more than you realize.