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My(17F) bf(17M) hung up when I mentioned getting a job?

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Story made short, my boyfriend and I were on the phone talking when I mentioned that I have a job interview tomorrow and he just hung up. I texted him and he is just saying ” Cool now I'mma never see u and ur gonna be around other guys and all that shit” and “U go have fun with all that shit”

About the job itself, the interview is tomorrow but my employment is pretty much guaranteed since my dad asked the manager if there was any job openings, they said yes, then today my dad says I got the job just need the interview for it to be “carried out correctly” or something along those lines. This job would be throughout the year and the goal is to save up for college.

Basically, lately, my bf honestly been showing “red” flags such as trying to control who I talk to in school, no guys on snap, no talking to guys in class, etc. Along with that, he threatens to k*ll(sorry idk if that word is allowed) whenver I take long to reply or dont answer calls when I'm asleep. Should I just let him be in his mood, break up with him, or?

Move on.

Never ever let someone tell you they’ll kill themselves if you break up with them, that’s the most manipulative shit ever. If you honestly think he’d do it find him help in the form of telling his parents, your parents, the authorities, etc but you are not required to be miserable just to make him happy. And all of that is shitty behavior-not wanting you to spend any of your time without him? That’s a red flag. Being that insecure about you being around other guys? Red flag. If you really want to stay with him talk to him about these things, but it might be in your best interest to move on.

Girl, run, you know you are looking at red flags, so how bad does it need to get? You gonna wait till he shows at your job causing a scene or wait till he scares people out of your life. Dude has boundary issues to figure out, but you don’t wanna be the girl who 4 years from now everyone looks at thinking about how much ex boyfriend messed her up.

Awe don’t worry boyfriend. I will have the money to treat my new male friends to dinner

What a doofus

I would break up fast! He’s being Manipulative and over all toxic