Relazioni e amore

Not sure if I (25F) should leave my financially dependent partner (28M), finishing his PhD… :(

Don’t stay with him if you want to have kids or have someone who will take care of you if something were to happen where you can’t keep up this pace. Right now you have youth on your side but I have seen so many relationships like this go really really really sideways as age grinds down the person carrying more than their fair share of the work. I’m struggling with some similar selfishness issues with my man but thanks to menopause I think I’d stab him if he tried most of this crap. Be prepared to get a lot less agreeable with age, I’m sure you’ll still be really funny though.

This goes so, so far beyond the financial piece.

He’s critical, entitled, inconsiderate and not a team player.

Funny and good looking (even at less good looking) only gets you so far. I’m afraid I can’t agree that he’s kind.

Girl. Do you want a new sugar baby? Because I swear I’ll do more than him. But seriously your a sugar mommy who is receiving zero of the benefits of being a sugar mother and all of the problems of dating a selfish child person. You will feel so much better after you lose him. He’s leeching so much from you it makes me angry and sick.

What do you get out of this relationship?! He sounds like a negging lazy loser.

It’s not your responsibility to fund his studies. It’s not your responsibility to house him. He’s a grown man who contributes nothing.

Sounds like you’re his parent, not his partner. LEAVE HIM.