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Possibly ending my marriage of 22 years

Maybe I missed it in your post, but I didn’t see any mention of marriage counseling/therapy, which is a service that’s meant to resolve situations just like yours. I can’t guarantee that it’s a “magic bullet” that’ll fix everything and recover a lost love, but it can be a chance to reconnect with her, address underlying issues that are stifling the potential for romance, identify the ways that you currently give and receive love, and how you can give and receive love.

I’m just proposing it as a third option, if you feel stuck between two awful options of “stay in a loveless marriage” or “divorce”.

Jesus dude, why are you telling strangers this and not her? You can’t dump on her for not communicating and then do this. You owe her the opportunity to talk through things with you. You can’t just assume what’s going on in her mind based on how you would react if you were her.

Talk to her. Then proceed. Do not end your marriage (I’m know I’m going against the MassimoL grain of idiocy on this point) until everything is out in the open. That’s a gutless move.

Why don’t you discuss this with your wife?

Dude, just be straight up with her and tell her how you feel!

You can still love and respect her and choose a different path, if this is what you feel will truly bring you happiness. No matter what as it stands you are currently unhappy and have been for a while, so make the decision NOW to start taking the necessary steps to put yourself first.

You have to talk to each other about your concerns before taking any action that might be regrettable. Try to open deep and intimate conversations. Walk down the memory lane together and talk about the times you spent together when you were younger. Talk to her and let her talk to you, listen to each other. Give yourselves the opportunity to at least try to work things through before walking out. You have to try. Not once or twice, for the sake of it. But with times that you invest and put effort in.