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[UPDATE] to My best friend hates me because her dog died on my watch

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This is an update ti this post:

TL;DR: My friend's 14 year old Boxer died while I was keeping him when she was visiting her home town. She got super pissed at me and lashed out by ripping up my sympathy card and telling me that I was glad her dog was dead (I most certainly am not!)


After speaking with some mutual friends after my post, I realized that NONE of them had even heard from Jen in over a week. So I called her brother and told him everything. After I laid it all out (everything that happened with Sam, and what Jen said and did to me), he said, “You mean she hasn't called you yet?” And I said, “No, the last contact I had with her, she was ripping up my card in a pic she texted me like an insane person.

So he said, “I'm going to get her to call you. She wants to talk to you.”

So the next day I received a very teary, VERY apologetic call from Jen. She was horribly ashamed and angry at herself for how she acted. I truly know it was a genuine apology – as I said in my last post, Jen is the kindest person I know. I seriously could not believe how she acted…

…It turns out that there were 2 redditors who were correct. I thought it was weird that Jen was going back home during this pandemic- and it turns out there was a bad reason she went. She lost a loved one. Not just her dog, but she lost one of her best friends to suicide. Her brother assumed Jen had called to tell me. (The woman who passed was a mentor of Jen's, her brother did not really know her, that's why he didn't go home).

Anyway, she sincerely apologized, and it turns out that while he behavior was mean and disrespectful, it makes much more sense why she flipped out like she did. She didn't just lose a dog that week, but also a best friend and mentor.

I forgave her and I hope she feels better soon. Thanks for all of your advice. Especially the redditors who told me to be patient, not just kick her to the curb. After over a decade of friendship, I knew that was 100% out of character for Jen.

TL;DR: Jen called and sincerely apologized. It turns out that a dear friend of hers committed suicide right before her dog passed away. We are all good, and I hope she can feel better soon.

Glad that you all made up. sorry for her loss that must’ve been a rough week.

My condolences to her ? She’s blessed to have your support through all of this. Stay strong — you guys got this together!

I’m glad you got that sorted out and I hope your friendship recovers. Jen has suffered two major losses so I’m glad you could extend her the grace of forgiveness. I hope she is able to cope with her losses as time goes by.

This is really heartwarming.
Im really, terribly sorry for your friend, but Im glad that you two were able to sort it out.

These times of forced isolation are trying us all, and all of us are coming to the end of are ropes.

I hope you and your friend continue to stay safe and healthy <33

Ty for the update. Sorry for her loss other loss but glad you were able to reconcile your friendship.