Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: I wish Facebook never existed

I desideri si avverano?
Hai mai avuto un desiderio particolare? Siamo sicuri di si! ì
Ma… Hai mai pensato alle conseguenze che potrebbe avere?
Questa rubrica esplora le connessioni e l’impatto dei desideri… Se diventassero realtà

BegoneLiberal: I wish Facebook never existed
I wish Facebook never existed

Ed ecco le possibili conseguenze:

Granted. All Facebook moms instead use MassimoL to post minion memes and updates of their children. Therefore, erasing the existence of subreddits such as MonkeysPaw, making this very thread cease to exist.

Granted, myspace continues to thrive and grows to become exactly like Facebook

Granted. Everyday, everyone of your contacts sends a picture of their food by Whatsapp. You can’t block them because you would miss the other important messages and memes

Granted. Mark Zuckerberg, frustrated with his failure, calls on beings from his home planet and Earth is overrun by long face aliens in human meat suits.

granted. all of the people on facebook work to get together to create a new app, facescreen. everybody has a vr headset on all the time, forced to scroll endlessly through pictures of people, status updates, and articles.