Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: I wish I legally had the exact amount of money that I ever needed to purchase whatever I wanted.

Granted. You find a chest of treasure in the middle of nowhere. Legally, you have claim to all of it. Unfortunately, you are now trapped in the cave it was buried, and live out the rest of your days without any nearby stores or merchants.

Granted, but you only have enough for what you want, never what you need. You still have to pay for necessities out of your own pocket. Insurance, healthcare taxes are always payed for out of your own pocket.

Granted. Now of course, this money has to come from somewhere. Whenever you make a purchase, you’re stealing from a random person. You single handedly ruin the lives of many people. Congratz.

Now you do! Exact change in shredded paper money.

Granted, it’s your net worth and while you technically own it, you’d have to sell all your current assets for every purchase you want to make. You’d get more assets when you want to buy something else and the cycle repeats. You own nothing in between purchases because your last purchase is part of your asset.