Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: I wish I legally had the exact amount of money that I ever needed to purchase whatever I wanted.

Granted, you get audited by the IRS

Granted, but it’s all counterfeit

Granted. Your young nephew overhears you talking about whatever material good it is you covet, and wanting to impress his favorite elder decides to look up the cost of that thing and knock over a bank or whatever. He gets away with it long enough to give you the suspiciously precise amount of money and for you to buy the item, but the FBI catches up pretty quickly. Tried as an adult, your nephew’s life is ruined before it even began. You spend a number of years in prison as well for accessory. The marriage between your sister and her husband becomes…strained, with increasingly bitter arguments becoming fights. The police are called, a domestic violence lawsuit ensues. After suffering abuse from his fellow inmates, your nephew commits suicide in his cell. Your brother loses his job at the local factory. No one will say why, but everyone knows. Unable to find work, he takes to drinking while his wife packs up to stay at her mom’s house for awhile, taking the kids.