Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: I wish I legally had the exact amount of money that I ever needed to purchase whatever I wanted.

Granted. Your teenage son hacks the bank to make it so. Then he gets caught and sent to prison.

Granted. Any time you want to buy something the exact needed ammount of money magically appears on your bank account. At first you are having the time of your life. You have no worries in life. Everything you ever wanted is within your reach. But quite quickly you realize that you are bored. There is no ambition in your life. You’ve lost your friends and loved ones – you have even given up on finding true love because you always have this scratching feeling that everyone is in it for the money. You are miserable.

Granted. You get the exact money… but not at the time you need it … you usually get it between 00: 00 and 05: 00 … but only while asleep in your bed … and only for a few seconds… then it is gone again… sometimes quite large amounts ranging in millions.

You spend years thinking that somehow your wish didn’t come true… until one day … when your wife runs away with a fbi agent.

Turns out they have been staking out your place for years, trying to figure out where the money comes from and goes. At this stage they are your friends and neighbors, your boss and golf buddies are all in the loop. They are all paid government agents, and the goverment (tired of a 40+ year investigation without results) pulls all the agents.

You are old, jobless , alone, and a little freaked out.

TAX agents arrive the next day, you can either explain your financial tomfoolery, or they will take everything you own…

Granted you receive no money because deep down all you want is love

Granted. You ONLY want to buy 15inch dildos