Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: I wish I legally had the exact amount of money that I ever needed to purchase whatever I wanted.

Granted. Due to a very unstable political climate, the third world war happens. With the power of the nuclear weapons, it’s a short lived war, but a devastating one. In the fallout, the remains of the human race develop a new authoritarian society in wich money doesn’t have any value and people are forced to work as slaves for the few leaders of this new world. Capitalism and the concept of personal property no longer exist. You, technically, have enough money to buy anything that’s for sale, which is nothing.

Long live Trump, Supreme Leader of the New World.

You find a lotto ticket worth 10k dollars. You’re going to go on a shopping spree. On your way to the store you stop behind a semi truck. Another semi truck is speeding up behind you while the driver is writing a reply to a r/themonkeyspaw post and compresses your car into a tuna can between his truck and the one in front of you. The 10k is just enough to cover a nice closed casket funeral

Granted, but you get raided for using it to buy what you wanted.

You make me sick



Anytime you wish to make a purchase a family member or someone you know closely appears, and gives you the money, not taking no for an answer.

As time progresses, and your spending goes on, you notice your mother, your grandfather, your own children, start to look thinner and more disheveled, each time willingly giving you the money.

Soon your family and friends no longer appear, and it is complete strangers who appear before you, offering their life savings, so you can pay for that guac at taco bell.