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Are there women out there that genuinely love their husband yet have zero desire for sex? How do you maintain your relationship?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Are there women out there that genuinely love their husband yet have zero desire for sex? How do you maintain your relationship?
Are there women out there that genuinely love their husband yet have zero desire for sex? How do you maintain your relationship?

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SSRIs for both of us throw our libidos all out of whack and we barely have sex because of it. Not for a lack of wanting or attraction; not at all, just kinda never seems as interesting as a good nap or watching something together. We are madly in love, have been for years, and it all comes down to communication, honesty, and understanding.

It’s not just women who experience this. I’m absolutely head over heels, in love with my girlfriend, and on top of that, she’s drop dead gorgeous. But for some reason, I don’t have the same need for sex as I did at the start of our relationship. It’s always been an issue in all the relationships I’ve been in.

I hate it. It makes her feel unwanted, and I think she feels it’s something her fault. I wish I could prove to her that it’s not.

I know someone who’s wife adores him but won’t have sex with him. He basically cheats at every opportunity. Point blank refuses to leave her because except sex everything’s perfect. She has no idea he Cheats. He’s the perfect husband.

Guess It works for them.

I have that same situation right now.

I adore my husband, and I have 100% high sex drive. He has little to no drive. I take the good with the bad, honestly. I’m so in love with him that I’ll wait months without sex and it hurts me physically, ngl. But we keep up constant communication.

We still make time for each other and love each other. We talk and have fun. We cuddle. He knows I need to be touched, so he does little things for me. Like tuck me into bed. Give me all the kisses I desire. Gives me attention.

I do the same for him. I give him love and respect. He doesn’t really like to be touched all that often, so I tend to maintain my distance on my side.

However, our biggest savior. Consent…. if he tells me no I stop. I’ll try feeling him up, and he’ll tell me no, and I’ll stop cold turkey. If he doesn’t want a kiss, I stop. Consent is so important. That’s probably the biggest thing that keeps our relationship strong.

He’s my husband. Not my sex doll.

The guy has to masturbate in the shower

I’m afraid to ask because I might get yelled at. I’m starting to feel afraid when she does decide I can’t perform. I starting to forget how to be passionate. Yet she rather please herself.

I would say this post describes a large portion of women who are married and have children.

Yup. PIV hurts me so much. I just give him a lot of blow jobs 🤷‍♀️

I am in that situation right now.

My wife refuse to have sex with me or any type of contact(intimacy). She have depression, the pills take out her sexual drive.

Our marrige is not good also. She refuse to accept any form of criticism or any opinion that is different from hers.

We have a beautifull child, and is for her that i struggle to mantain this relationship.

I feel like that i am not worth of any love.


(Sorry if i go off topic a little bit)

Sounds like my mom who was pumped full of every psychotropic drug known to man in order to stay sane but entirely killed her sex drive. The last ten years my dad was alive he had girlfriends on the side. It was my mom’s idea and the three of them would hang out and go to dinner together and shit. My sisters thought it was weird and fucked up but it wasn’t my life or relationship so I didn’t care.

I think this happens with elderly couples sometimes. After decades together, I’m sure there is deep love, but no libido. Intimacy doesn’t have to involve sex. They could cuddle for example.

I don’t like to play the age card, but here it goes.

  1. Poor health
  2. Libido greatly reduced
  3. Body image due to ageing
  4. Don’t sleep together.

We’ve been together 38 years and have had a fabulous life together. We love each other and have fun being daft!

I am that kind of woman (thanks PCOS!), if it were for me I would have sex maybe once every 3 or 4 months and just because it’s weird being in a relationship without having intercourse… I just accept the fact that I need to give something back to my partner (of 4 years, 2 years living together).

We have sex once a week, sometimes twice or more (mostly on vacation), sometimes less if I’m on my period but on average it’s once a week, on the weekend since I’m more relaxed and I don’t come home from 9 hours at the office.

I do enjoy the act and orgasm I’d say 70% of the time, it’s just the thought of starting to have sex not appealing to me compared to do something else I enjoy instead.

My partner does ask for sex more times than I usually accept, but respects my needs and if I say no he doesn’t insists, he also never showed signs of distress with this situation so I’d say we’re fine. He has sex toys and a couple of onlyfans subscriptions to entertain himself when I’m not down to it.

Me and my fiance have been together for four years now. We had sex in the beginning but the more we spent time together (attended the same college, started living together, share the same hobbies), sex just became something redundant, we don’t really think about it.

We enjoy each other’s company while doing our hobbies and spending time with each other much more than sweating our butts off in bed haha

We still have sex, but it’s like once every four months probably.

No one has ever cheated, no one is unhappy. Sometimes the intrusive thoughts creep in, am I good enough? Is he happy? Am I happy? But we talk it through and if there ever was an issue, we would fix it. So far we are doing good 🙂 And I indeed love him very very much!

Works until it doesnt 😉

For my wife and I, it’s usually when she is stressed and sex is the last thing on her mind.

Honestly, a Costco-sized stock of batteries and a really understanding husband.

I’m in this situation. Everything is perfect apart from the fact she doesn’t like to have or enjoy sex. It’s down to the fact she has been assaulted in the past. Now I’m probably not going to have sex again which is sad for me but she means so much to me that I’m willing to do it.

Asexual here married to a non asexual person. Mutual respect, communication and understanding. I have near zero desire and a condition that makes piv painful. So we talk about it, try alternatives and don’t give up. We love each other and are each other’s best friend. Thankfully sex isn’t a conflict in our relationship.

That said, for the things we can improve, we work on it. For example I’m getting physiotherapy and counselling with a sex therapist for my condition to hopefully one day be able to have piv (among other reasons). We read books on sexual desire and how to support one another. We are currently exploring toys.

I love my partner and as I’m not repulsed and sex isn’t a dealbreaker for him, we are able to compromise and find things that work for us.

Honestly it blows my mind a bit how much emphasis is put on spontaneous sexual desire and piv in our society as someone who doesn’t “get it”. But as they say different strokes for different folks.