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Consiglio: If someone is threatening to take their own life as emotional blackmail after a breakup, don’t fall for it: call emergency services.

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Here’s why:

We've heard stories of people who, after a breakup, told their ex-partners that they would take their own life if they didn't get back together. I hope you never have to go through this, but if one day it happens to you, and you recognize this behavior as emotional blackmail, don't fall for it by trying to talk and reconcile. Just call emergency services.

If the person was truly willing to take their own life, you will not only be saving them but also making it clear to everyone that this person needs professional help.

If it's a bluff, you will come out with clean hands, and the person who will have to explain this to emergency services will be the dishonest one. Of course, make sure you have evidence that the person made such a threat, like text messages for example.

I genuinely wish from the bottom of my heart that no one, never, ever has to do this.