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What’s something that happened to you that changed you as a woman?

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Coming from another thread I'm very interested in what women have to say.

Ed ecco le risposte del genere femminile:

Sexual assault. I’m far less trusting of men as a result.

It saddens me how many of have the same answer. But for me childhood sexual assault.

TW: SA!!!

I got sexually abused as a child and raped multiple times in my first relationship, it really messed me up I then went to a therapist who also SA’d me. It’s truly left me with a fear of men that I’ve been trying to work on but sometimes when a man touches me, even to shake my hand, I just get paralysed with fear

Like many women, my first love… and the lessons it taught me.

I guess it’s turning 40 for me.

I’m spending time on myself, after a long time raising children.

I’m working out, eating better, taking time for myself and socialising more.

I feel utterly fantastic and wishes I’d done it years ago!

A few things. TW: SA discussed

I had very large breasts during adolescence which was horrendous for my self view, esteem etc. I ended up having a breast reduction at 18. No regrets.

Having large breasts for some reason made boys think they were allowed to grope me, try to take my shirt off, or whatever else. Zero respect for me as a human being and assumed I was “easy” due to having large breasts. Sent me into a depression. Never told my parents.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and 12 years later, I was telling my mom about this. Her response, “how could you let this happen to you?”

WTF???? I am telling you about trauma and then you SHAME me. She has no respect for women and victim shames, so I don’t know why I felt like I should tell her this.

Being a stripper and webcam girl. Never trust a men, no matter how good he seem.

Dating a manchild for 4 years. Gives you great standards afterwards if you’re smart enough to learn your lesson

Becoming a mother transformed me into a stronger and more compassionate woman.

Being molested at 4, raped at 25, plus lots of failed relationships with guys who either cheated on me or abused me somehow.

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