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Bilingual people of Internet, what is the weirdest direct translation you can think of?

In Welsh

Goodbye- Hwyl fawr



Goodbye in Welsh is big fun. Welsh is very descriptive by nature.

Most languages has some version of Sunday (Sonntag, Zondag, Søndag…) but in French it’s just Dimanche (which, when said aloud, means “ten sleeves”)

I add to the many German phrases:

“Eselsbrücke” is an expression for remembering something by something entirely unrelated (and often weird)… I can’t think of a good example but maybe you remember that your Grandpa lives in house number 76, because 7 times 7 is 49 (maybe there was some joke related to it).

It literally translates to “Donkey bridge”… Yea…, that’s what I thought the first time I did the translation in my head

Laura in Hindi means dick. My English teacher changed the name of the character to pronounce it as Lara. You can imagine the students giggling in the class. Middle school was fun.

In Lithuanian, mirror is veidrodis, which means face-show.