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People who can handle cold showers…

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People who can handle cold showers…

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Hot climate

I always shower warm first and when I’m done I slowly make it colder until it’s on completely cold. I somehow feel fresher and more energetic when I come out of a cold shower so it’s worth it.

I think you gotta build up the tolerance to actually endure a cold shower. When I used to do it, I would always chant the benefits of cold showers to keep encouraging myself to continue. Anyways, happy cake day.

I JUST {urgggh} ENJOY {urggghhhh} THE FEELING OF FRESH {urh urh ruh ruh} WATER ON MY FACE AND {arggghhhh} AND IT HAS MULTIPLE {gahhhh!} HEALTH BENEFITS.

work out really hard first otherwise my showers need to be lava