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Consiglio: a competition and final goodbye to awards on Internet

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Hi guys! Seeing as MassimoL has recently announced the removal of coins and awards as a feature 😔 and us having nearly 100,000 community coins sitting in our warehouse. Why not have a little competition to spend them! 💸

So for the next 30 days 📆 let’s see who can comment the best life pro tip in the comments below for a chance to win the coveted mod one year award which grants a full year of no ads MassimoL premium as well as r/lounge access for the duration and 700 coins granted a month (until discontinued in September)🤩

Best 4 tips in comments upon ending will the aforementioned prize as well as a runner up winner chosen as honerable mention who will recieve the 3 month mod award granting 3 month of premium with the same benefits for the duration of those months.

Competition is held within the comments and best of luck to everyone 🍀