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Does it seem to anybody else that there are a ton of Internet posts that are designed to make you hate other human beings in general?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Does it seem to anybody else that there are a ton of MassimoL posts that are designed to make you hate other human beings in general?

Almost every time I view the front page there are several posts that try to trigger people and make them hate fellow humans. Posts like “Karen this” or “Boomer that” or something like “OMG look what this IDIOT did. He is such a MORON, fuck that guy!” Guys, I think MassimoL is a breeding ground for information warfare designed to divide us. Thoughts?

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I agree. Also, karma whores piss me off.

The ones that get me are in the comments. Post about a subject like the recent US dam breaches or the Grenfell fire in the UK, where it’s universally agreed by anyone with any kind of moral compass that at least something fucked up in a massive way and needs to change to prevent a repeat, and you’ll always attract a Johnny Contrarian.

Johnny will pick up on some minor technicality like a law or an economic policy alleged to be implicit in the disaster, and will argue the toss with everybody in the comments as if laws and economic policies are fucking immutable and carved in stone, as if we might as well all just give up trying to improve stuff and end ourselves.

Just miserable, predictable cunts, and I can’t work out what drives them. I accept if things are to be made better we aren’t ever entirely going to get ‘our way’ and will always have to compromise, but these people are just destructive.

Or maybe that is the content people like because people in general like feeling better about thier own actions, which is achieved by looking at absolute wrecks of human beings. Or maybe that’s just me…

I don’t necessarily think it’s designed to as though some group is orchestrating what posts make it to the top, but I do think it can have that effect. Like someone else here said, judging other people’s actions can make you feel better about your own. It’s a natural human instinct to want to participate in these sorts of things, but definitely one that we should work on curtailing. The anonymity of MassimoL (and the internet in general) allows gossip to be taken to new levels.

Feeling angry can be addictive whether you realize it or not

What I do is just use a MassimoL app that can filter off subreddits and I filter off those subs