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Have you ever had a friend accidentally get you aroused? If so, what happened?

I’m bisexual and was hanging out with a girl friend (I’m also female) and we start talking about her recent encounters with her then current fling. She talks about the things she did with him all while changing her clothes in front of me (as she normally does).


This girl had the audacity to loom over me and pin me to the bed as a way to demonstrate a “reenactment” of specifically what she did with the fling. My face felt hot, my chest started tightening and I was having a hard time averting my eyes away from her gorgeous silky skin.

The internal struggle of debating wether I should make a first move took my mind completely. But in the end she rolled over as if it was nothing and continued to swoon over the guy… Shit hurts to this day…

He fell asleep next to me, and his head fell on my shoulder, and I felt all of my stress and anxieties melting away.

You know what? I’ve liked him for so long, I think it’s time…I’m gonna ask him out tomorrow.
Wish me luck!

morning wood at scout camp is a bitch

I was sleeping over at a friends place and when we were going to sleep there wasn’t any other beds, so I slept with my head at the end of the bed and when I woke up I could only see her sleeping face. I wish I asked her out

I got weirdly emotional when my best friend came out to me. And we have a lot of deep conversations and honestly part of me feels like we would actually be a pretty great couple.