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Have you ever had a friend accidentally get you aroused? If so, what happened?

Maybe not “accidentally”, to be precise but I was at a friend’s place once and we were all hanging out in their living room (by we, I mean him, another friend, myself, and…his older sister…). Well, his older sister and I sat on one couch on opposite ends while the other two were on another…at one point we both sort of lied down, our feet facing each other…then she started to play with my feet, with hers…then slowly she’d go higher, and higher…until she reached what she was aiming for; I knew what she was doing and while I tried not to get aroused for obvious reasons, I let it happen and when she noticed she accomplished what she set out to do, she just giggled and smiled at me as I rushed to hide it.

Shame nothing ever happened with her, she was very pretty.

This isn’t an nsfw one but my friend and I jokingly call each other “wife” and joke about going on dates but in reality I kinda blush every time she says it.

I was in the middle of receiving a back massage, and at the same time having a conversation with my friend who’s giving me the massage. At one point she stopped applying pressure with her hands and started running the tip of her fingers across my back, which cut me off guard completely, that tingly feeling from soft touches just resonated in my back and it stopped me mid sentence, i couldnt think or form a sentence while that was happening.

Leaned across my lap to reach for his phone.

I once saw my manager at my old job mopping up the back kitchen while shirtless. Had to take a breather there.