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Have you ever had a friend accidentally get you aroused? If so, what happened?

Me and my friend decided to see who can freak the other one out first, we were barely teens so hormones and shit and we started feeling each other’s arms, i knew there was only one way to win, so i decided to lean for a fake kiss and he finally jerked away and admitted defeat, part of me actually wanted to kiss him, he was kinda cute

I wouldn’t call it completely accidental but it was kind of a start with my neighbour, she was like six months older than I was. I used to go over to their house to play on the computer with her brother and later on she came over to my home in the evenings to play randomly. So we were sitting on the bed thinking of role playing mum and child, and I ended up snuggling into her arms and I I never had any sexual or emotional thought running, just kid games. Seconds into the position, I felt really comfortable and she kind of realised it when I wouldn’t respond to her role playing comments and we hugged for a while after. It did continue for a couple of months after that, nothing serious, but eventually her family moved out and well, now I don’t have any friends like “her”.

Climbed into my bed while I was sleeping to scare me, woke up with boobs pressed behind my back, she fell asleep after I didn’t wake up. (She though I wake up early since she sees me awake around 5 in the morning, imbecile that’s because I’m awake all night watching anime and don’t get sleep) Edit: Sorry for the grammar and stuff I’m on my phone

I asked if I could grope her.. she said yes… was s good 3 min.

I was at a concert his band was the main support, we were catching up near the bar, he put his arm around me as people were heading towards the mosh pit so he didnt get swept up in the sea of moving people, except he didnt remove his arm from around my waist, i could feel his breath on my neck when he was talking. When he left to go to the bathroom, fans were asking me if i was his girlfriend 😳